Solar Energy brightening up young lives.

Our Highlights

Clean lighting, bright and beautiful all night to study!

Sustainable energy source for now and our future.

Moving us forward.

Green battery solutions.

Come teach, visit, help, support our grassroots effort.

Energy is at the heart of development. Without energy, communities live in darkness, essential services like education operates under cripping constraints.

Curretntly we do use sustainable renewable solar power. in out-

  1. College Computer Lab
  2. Z innovative Technology, Khirati, Chips and Chutney machines lighting,3rd floor, Main building.
  3. M A Majid Science College Girls Hostel Lighting – so they can study using solar 12 volt Solar Led lights when local power that is very unreliable is not on.

Discover Reliable Power

Solar Energy

We have successfully increased our Solar power with our new 5Kilowatt Solar installation. If you want to be a part of this development please come visit us…


Per Year


Per Month

We are Saving

about $800 per year from electricity using solar energy to power our computer lab, hostel and we are trying to increase the radius

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