January Online Exam Winners!

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January Online Exam Winners!

Our Environment

We are located amid the lush green vegetable gardens, our own Begum Khairun Nessa Nursery, towering  bamboo bushes and ever undulating fields of paddy and delicious bananas. Close to Dhaka, only a two hour drive, we are in Kapasia, Gazipur, Bangladesh. Come visit!

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Location: Khirati Village, Kapasia-1730, Gazipur, Bangladesh – approximately 2 hours drive from Dhaka.


Email of Chairman: azubair123@gmail.com

College Hours: Sun – Thu: 9am – 3pm

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MA MAJID SCIENCE COLLEGE is devoted to bringing to the poverty-stricken Khirati Village students the very latest technology, computer labs, media editing features and equipment, powered by Renewable Clean and Green Solar Energy. Please join us, visit our facilities, and help support our wonderful College. All well-wishers are welcome!

You are welcome to join us virtually in our classrooms. Please contact us for more details.

The passing of my father

Propagation of intelligence is the justification of life.” – M A Majid

My father M. A. Majid (Jan. 1, 1928 – May 21, 2020) passed away on the afternoon of May 21 at Apollo Hospital ICU in Dhaka. He was 91.

We buried him in our College grounds in Khirati Village. Zarrar, my eleven year old son, my wife and I were his only family beside him. He now rests on the grounds of his built and beloved MA Majid Science College.

His love was education.

He built through hard work M A Majid Science college. And left me in charge as Chairman. This is a daunting task, a task to create a learning opportunity for eager but village students amid lush banana fields. It has become doubly difficult during these COVID-19 days.

At best the students have a cell phone, and I have implemented a MOBILE DISTANCE LEARNING platform during these physically shuttered school days.

We are in dire need of financial support, so please spread the word about a great cause, a great man, and his work to help educate bright Khirati Village students.

Please pray for him,

Abu Zubair, Phillips Academy Andover ’77
Chairman, M A Majid Science College, Khirati Village, Gazipur, Bangladesh
https: www.mamajidsciencecollege.org


Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple, help young Khirati Village girls and boys to achieve their educational goals, and in an organic, grassroots way support our small community of women, farmers, and children. We embrace Solar renewable energy, grow healthy clean food for our community. Please support us and you will receive the wonderful blessings of many aspiring and bright young people of our village.

Initiating Solar Power

Here in Khirati we are facing power shortage, Electricity i.e power is unreliable. We are getting average of six to eight hours a day of erratic power. So we have implemented solar power and go Off grid. We are already running our Computer Lab and girls hostel lighting on Solar energy. Begum Nessa Majid Foundation is a nonprofit that runs M A Majid Science College. We are actively asking for your financial support. Please help us. Our need is great and every penny goes toward educating struggling but exceedingly bright and motivated students.
You can support this solar project, Come visit us, of course you will be amazed!

Computer Lab

We are successfully running more than 7 computers on our small solar system.

Sun is with us

We get more than 10 hours of bright Sun light enough to produce Electricity. Our current 10KWatt Solar Energy installation powers our Internet tower, our routers, our Wi-Fi, our computer labs, hostels and media room.

Girls Hostel

We are lighting our girls hostel lighting with 12 volt solar powered LED bulbs.

We need about 35kw for the college

We now produce 10 kilowatt of solar energy powering the girls who still lighting and main buildings and our internet and computer center.
Please help us financially install an additional 25 KWatt of Solar Energy generating panels, controllers and cabling.


Our Online Curricular Events & Activities 2020-2021




Event Info

Jan 1, 2020 Abu Zubair distributing new books to Shaib Ali Elementary School students at Khirati, Kapasia, Bangladesh.



Prize Winner

Event Info

Freshers’ Reception of class 11 was successfully held on 1st July 2019. It was organized by students of Class 12.



Online education prizes with in person socially responsible

Event Info

M A Majid Science College will remain closed from 04 October, 2019 (Friday) to 13 October, 2019 (Sunday). The College Campus will reopen from 14 October, 2019 (Monday) as per schedule.

Our College

Facilities and Organizations

M A Majid Science College is committed to providing intellectual, social, cultural and economic benefits to communities through programs of education, co-curriculum activities, training and scholarships. Our college is trying to deliver world class education and training in the national education system of Bangladesh. Though our resources are limited, we are trying to do our best in this educational sector. Our results show. We have consistently come first in Kapasia in the HSC exam results. We also won first prize in the Kapasia Science Fair 2020.

Solar Powered Computer Lab

Attractive Classrooms

Lush green open Campus with beautiful vegetable gardens and greenhouse adorning the landscape.

Volleyball and badminton courts

IT internships Media lab Adobe illustrator and Photoshop training

(projector photo)

Science fair Sports- Badminton tournaments Volleyball tournaments.





Our News & Announcements


1st Prize at Science Fair

1st Prize at Science Fair

Kapasia Science Fair   We are proud to announce that our MA MAJID SCIENCE COLLEGE secured First position in Kapasia Science Fair!   Some Photos from the event-  


Hostels for girls and boys


Years Established

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Location: Khirati Village, Kapasia-1730, Gazipur, Bangladesh – approximately 2 hours drive from Dhaka.


Email: azubair123@gmail.com

College Hours: S-T: 9am – 1.30pm